Team Members

San Diego:
Yabo Gao final PhotoYabo Gao is an Electrical Engineering student from UC San Diego. Her involvement with various off-campus Solar Energy research organizations on Macro/Micro levels made her interested in the aspect of Green Communications. She joined the Nuxlabs project because she hopes that this easy to access platform will facilitate the communication process for Electrical Engineers around the world. Through her communication with the Shanghai Team regarding the website design and the Video Gallery Group in Russia regarding the video functionality and linkage, she is able to see first hand what it’s like for engineers to work together across the seas towards a common goal. She is really excited about the future of this project and seeing all the ways this website can benefit the IEEE community. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her Church friends and play games/explore restaurants together. She can be reached at:
shengyaoShengyao Guo is a third year undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at UCSD. His study mainly focuses on digital signal processing, and image processing with implication in embedded system and  microcomputer. He is also proficient in web application development, and familiar with different types of developing languages including javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS and etc. In the Nuxlabs project, he is mainly in charge of the backend program including user login system, profile management and data base structure. In his free time, he is also a huge sports fan. He can be reached at:

jiawei new picJiawei Xu is a graduate student in Shanghai University(SHU)’s Communication and Information Engineering Department. She is currently a member of Shanghai University’s Key Laboratory: Special Fiber Optics and Optical Access Networks. She really enjoys working in the Nuxlabs Project, in which she is able to have a pleasant communication and cooperation experience with friends from UCSD. So far, ,she has learned how to develop a website by using WordPress such as theme alteration ,video production and uploading.In her free time .She enjoys playing piano, running and traveling different places. She hopes she can knowledge from thousands of books and accumulate experience by traveling thousands of miles. She can be reached at:

Ming Zhong is a M.Sc. student in the Department of Communication Engineering at Shanghai University. She dedicates herself to the research which collects the personal information, determines and visualizes interpersonal relation. Ming is also a member of Key Laboratory of Special Fiber Optics and Optical Access Networks. She was referred to this project by her Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chao Wang. Ever since then, she has been working with Jiawei Xu on the website visual design. She likes cutting edge technology, coding front-end. In her free time, she excels in travelling different places and doing handcraft. She can be reached at

picture jingwenJingWen Wang is currently a graduate student majoring in Computer science and Technology at TianJin University of Technology. Her research focus is on virtual reality. In recent years, virtual reality is becoming better and better, so she is honored to join the Visualization and Pervasive Computing Lab. With the belief that virtual reality can bring great changes to many industries, she really hopes to do something wonderful along with her Faculty Mentor Dr. Luo. She really enjoys being a member in the Nuxlabs Project In the process, she has had a pleasant time with her team members and learned a lot from them.Outside of school, she enjoys socializing with friends, dancing, listening to music and learning more about the IT world through following the news. She can be reached at